Features required for providing high quality service

Horizons west are one of the oldest service providers of bus and coach that is hired in Perth. It is one of the largest companies in this field. They provide better quality and reliability to their customers. Their services include corporate, airport transfer, wedding, school bus charter etc. Private Service provider needs to be valiant good if they want to compete in the market with the other service providers as well as facilities given by the government transport department. Facilities given by the Horizons west to their customers are quite appreciable. If anyone looking to hire a bus in Perth, a must suggestion – contact Horizons West. Their drivers are fully trained, having valid licenses. They are police cleared. They don’t allow people to consume alcohol on the bus because of the security reasons. They will provide drivers to their customers who came to hire a bus. It is hassle free for the customers if they get a verified and trained driver.

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As per my information local transport providers are represented through the partnership. Local transport providers mainly include bus companies. If they are working in partnerships, the providers are committed to work with the partners to provide the most appropriate, affordable and frequent transport services. Private public partnership is one of the ways to share a good relation with government by working with them. It is not only accessed by the private entity but also by government organization. Any service provider can work with separately or with private partners or government bodies but their main motive should be to provide luxury and safety to customers. There are some features that can help service providers to match the customer satisfaction.

  • Must have Padded fabric or leather front-facing seats, often reclining.
  • Proper space should be provided between the seats.
  • Foot and arm rests to provide comfort to passengers.
  • TV monitors connected to DVD player. It should be there to provide entertainment or if possible, DTH should be installed for local news or programs; it is better for the passengers if TV is installed in seats with the facility of what viewer wants to watch.
  • Basic lavatory – It should be there for emergency cases. Proper maintenance of lavatory is required. It is quite necessary to have a lavatory for long journey buses. It will provide satisfaction to the passengers.
  • Cool water dispenser and refrigerator, hot water urn.
  • Wheelchair lift or ramp and “kneeling suspension” for easier access so that if there is any elderly or handicapped people. They will get easy access.
  • Windows should be tinted (and/or curtains or blinds).
  • Luggage compartment should be comprised of racks with overhead hand-luggage racks. Space should be huge so that if anyone wants to move their car, he/she mustn’t be disappointed.

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