Food and Wine Culture of Australia

Australia enrich in its cultural lifestyle and food, with modernisation Melbourne and other cities of Australia are being diversified by the multi-cuisine food. With Australia’s most famous wineries, the country produce the finest quality liquor in the whole world.


Wine and Beer culture:


The famous Australian wine and beer is been used as a beverage from the colonial period of the country, the major wine regions of Australia is the south and cool regions such as south wales and Victoria however there are more than 60 designated wine regions in the whole Australia. The country’s wine industry is the fourth largest wine exporters in the world. With its famous wine and beer bars, Australian wine is so indulged in food culture. Talking of Wine, weddings can’t be missed, check out one of Queensland’s best wedding furniture hire supplier!

Food from the Aboriginal Period


In the Aboriginal period, native Australians also known as indigenous and aboriginal Australians were so keen about their culture and Australian cuisine. The cuisine of Australia refers to the food indigenous natives have developed which is also known as bush tucker. Bush tucker is the food which is obtained by the Australian flora and fauna for example kangaroo meat. Most common cultural animal foods of Australia are kangaroo, emu and crocodile although kangaroo is most common in the modern days and are cheaper than the beef. While the native floral bush tuckers are the Davidson’s plum and Quandong.

Food from Colonial Period


With the British colonisation the food scenario started changing in Australia, the European settlers find it difficult to adjust with the traditional Australian cuisine and consumed their own diet of beef, bread, tea and rum. With their increased settlements they started producing their own western style produces. In the coastal and temperate areas seafood was the main source of sustenance for the localites. Lobster, prawn and  tuna are the main species and apart from these more than 600 varieties of fishes were being eaten in the Australia.

In the early 90’s the overlooked native Australian food was recognised by the un-indigenous Australians and they started using it in pickles and for commercial uses. After the adoption of native ingredients in several restaurants of Sydney, they explored the strongly flavoured spices in many bush tuckers. In future explorations they found many native foods to be exceptionally nutritious

Recent food trends.

In the modern era, many native foods like kangaroo meat and macadamia nuts are being used extensively in the Australia. However, because of multi immigrant population and culture of Australia these are not so popular in modern restaurants and home foods. But, can be found in some specific restaurants around the country. The modern Australian cuisine is consist of foods from various communities, you can found food of many cuisine like ethiopian, italian, thai, chinese, english and Indian at the leading restaurants of the country. But the sense and taste of typical Australian foods is still alive in Aboriginal Australians and the food can be found in special Aboriginal operated restaurants which offers kangaroo and emu recipes with the typical native spices and all.


The old source of native plant food was wild but now they are cultivated for their commercial use in processed foods and medicines, some native meat products are also available in supermarkets as sausages and frozen meats. Spices, nuts and seeds such as lemon myrtle, mountain pepper, banya nut, and macadamia nut is now being harvested on large scale for their use in food and medicine.

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Thus, the food native to Australia is still used in everyday life of the country. Finally lets end on a good note! Too much of food or rather too much of wine? Try a detox diet with tea and you will feel refreshed as never before – check out Tiny Wings Tea Australia and would be great to check out their green tea collection for a quick detox!