How to start a food blog and make money

What is food blogging? It is nothing but writing about the things you like to eat or you like to cook. But mainly these blogs are all about understanding the basic concept of food preparation and then letting others know about certain recipes and methods for cooking delicious food.

The basic idea behind writing and maintaining a food blog is to simply ensure that you are able to share your kitchen creativity with the rest of the world. The entire concept of a food blog is dependent solely upon uploading recipes and preparation methods, along with photos of each and every step. You can also write about food that you eat while you’re on vacation, as that is also a good topic for food blogging. This blog post has been promoted by Gluten Free 4 U Bakery Melbourne. They offer Gluten free breads, cakes, sweets, pasta, savouries and biscuits – ALL of it 100% gluten free.