Your Perfect Travel Reading Companion

If you’re someone who travels alot then you’ll know about all those times when you’re just sitting there and you have nothing else to do. Whether you’re on a train going from one place to another or you’re on the plane. That’s where you just wish you had something to read but it can get tedious to be carrying around books.

Let me introduce you to the short story books by InShort Publishing. What’s a pocket book? Well it’s just what the name says, it’s a pocket sized book that you can literally fit in your pocket and carry around with you anywhere you desire!

I first came upon such books while looking around for some short stories to read, unlike novels which I’m so used to reading, short stories have a different flavour to it. They’re short, concise and incredibly clever, creative and fun to read! But till now you never really had something that was easily transported until InShort Publishing came out.

When it comes to short stories, they’ve actually hand picked through hundreds of different writers to get together some of the most interesting short stories that are worth reading and let me tell you… they just look delicious!

So don’t take my word for it, check out their website and order some pocket books for yourself and you won’t be disappoint, I warn you though… they can get pretty addictive!